Training people

We specialise in plain English writing training for businesses and government.

Getting to the point®: This in-house training is tailored to your sector. Our signature 2-day workshops include report writing, technical writing, policy writing, ministerial writing, letter and email writing, and web writing.

Clear writing course: Our 1-day open course helps professionals to build writing skills.

 Editing documents

Our Getting to the point® plain English editing services create engaging and effective texts. 

Our expert editors draw on the latest research in readability and plain language for: 

 Building our community

We champion everyone's right to transparent and ethical public language. 

Our Executive Director, Neil James (or Dr Plain English), heads our community program.

Follow our activities through social media, and
our contributions, including:

  • events we sponsor, like the international PLAIN and Clarity conferences
  • articles and interviews about language
  • public speeches on clear communication.

Dr Plain English on air and in print

Check out our latest articles on plain language and government.

What can our leaders’ language tell us about their election chances? Neil James examines the rhetoric for ABC’s The Drum.

While we support recent calls for ‘clear, crisp, meaningful and expressive’ communication in government, plain English programs need to go further. As Dr Plain English explains, a plain English program goes well beyond the words.

You can find more of our insights into plain language in the public sector in our regular articles in The Mandarin.

1-day Clear writing course

 Writing in Plain English  

Learn the core concepts of plain English in our introductory course.

Free writing tools

Our editors have created a toolbox to help you draft clear and compelling documents.

Sample edits

Browse our samples to see what a difference clarity can make.

Top tips

Try our top tips for writing in plain English. You'll be a whiz in no time.

Style quiz

Test your grammar and punctuation in our short style quiz.




Community activities

Read about plain language and how we promote it in the community.

On air and in print

Search our library of interviews, articles and speeches by Neil James.

Our contributions

Learn about our local and international activities.

Think tank

Find out more about our research and ideas.





Cartoon from Modern Manglish, a book by Neil James and Harold Scruby

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